[Advaita-l] Re: shringeri website

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 28 11:53:16 CST 2006

Dear list members,

For the Sringeri website, please connect to www.sringeri.net or 
www.sringerisharadapeetham.org (note the h's in the spelling). Both URLs 
point to the same website and are working fine. The site is being 
constructed and maintained by two young students at the Sringeri Pathasala 
itself. If any of you gets a chance to visit Sringeri, make it a point to 
walk up to the relatively newly built building that houses the Advaita 
research center. The effort going on to preserve the math's old manuscript 
collection, the digitization project for creating e-texts of important texts 
and the general library have to be seen to be believed.

www.sringeri.org used to be a site that some devotee had put up a few years 
ago, but it looks like he had not renewed it for 2006. In fact, the Sringeri 
math webmaster was trying to find the owner of that site, but without 
success. I don't think it has been hacked. Some other outfit has simply 
grabbed the available URL, but why an online casino wanted the Sringeri name 
is anybody's guess.


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