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   Well I think there is a problem in ascribing anything as history or myth
(epic)because down the line we find that we are so ignorant and foolish that it
is better not to say anything about these things.. ..This is also another form
of death of mind...Proofs are asked by mind alone...and when it dies nothing is
needed..you just be what IS..
I am sending you a link that you may find interesting.....well it may be just
for interest or knowledge it doesn't matter..Atleast it doesn't matter to
me.....what matters is how your understanding is and what your faith is...
     In this field of dreams and perceptions we are also no more than just
epics....and it also comes through experiences (understanding)...not just



Quoting s v a <a_satish03 at rediffmail.com>:

**    Can any one suggest where i can get Mantra-Ramayana by Neelkantha As i
** read an artilce, that how Ramayana epic had evolved from Rig-veda
** As it's not a history, rather epic to explain Vedas. As Puranas&Smrits are
** for explaning mystery of Vedas. So please if you know tell, where i can get
** this book. And also see the article on advait-vedant.org
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