[Advaita-l] source of mAyA?

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     .... Mind is the sole creator of whatever you call as Maya....In truth the
questioning about Maya exists only in the realm of mind. Till mind doesn't
attain to its own death, there will stay questioning and doublts. Till mind
doesn't reach no-mind, there will be nescience.
Mann has to reach A-mann (also used in urdu for peace, which means no-mind in
      The effort should be to remove this nesciene and when mind reaches
no-mind, there is no doubt, no-nescience and no such questioning. If you want
to explore the space-time-causality model then that exists because of mind. In
no-mind, there is no notion, concepts or space-time-causal modeling or any such
simulation, for it has already dried down. When river water dries down then no
stream flows through it, when mind dries down and reaches no-mind, there is no
such notion. Till your mind reaches the depths of your being it won't reach
no-mind, or it won't accept its true nature. keep reading your scriptures.
There are many good ones. Yoga Vasishtha will calm your curiosity regarding all
psychological, logical or illogical doubts, if you reach it with proper
attitude. That's true with all scriptures though, but if you want more
scientific clarity, yoga vasishtha is a great scripture, unparalleled in its
style. Find a good translation if you can.....

You will find that though there is a great deal of effort to talk about this
mAyA thing, but there has not been much stress on looking at the way mAyA is or
who created it or how it came into being, it is how to remove the
nescience.....what are the methods...and how to reach no-mind and the state of
pure consciousness...it is also strange that people spend so much time on
questioning mAyA....It is more important to remove nescience...after no-mind if
some questioning is left...you may ask....for this is the strange but true and
bold saying of all who could see the truth in their hearts....


Quoting Aditya Varun Chadha <adichad at gmail.com>:

** Greetings,
** + Why does mAyA exist?
** + Even though talking about a "beginning" to mAyA may not make sense,
** is mAyA itself beginningless and endless in the "absolute" sense?
** + - if so, is it an example of something "eternal" that is "unreal"?
** + - if not so, does it have a beginning in time?
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** Aditya Varun Chadha
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