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Fri Mar 24 13:39:59 CST 2006

Yes, I admit you could make that same interpretation about Aurobindo's
works. The one criterion he has used in determining the psychological
meanings is that the meaning should fit into a consistent structure
throughout the veda, which he claims he has managed to find. Also, I thought
Aurobindo was a philosopher of the Advaita school of thought, perhaps I am
mistaken here.


> According to Shri Aurobindo (and I am tempted to concur), current
> philology
> > is only a "conjectural science",
> The trouble is the same thing could be said for Aurobindos
> interpretations.  I would not describe as an Advaitin or indeed any kind
> of astika and thus I find his writings to be wholly useless for an
> understanding of Veda.
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Ekam sat, viprā bahudā vadanti (The truth is one, the wise call it different
names) - Rig Veda (1.164.46)

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