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Santhosh Nair santhosh_twin at rediffmail.com
Tue Mar 21 08:17:27 CST 2006

Thank you everone for answering my questions again. 

Can I ask some more questions? Then, I will shut up for a long time since I have a lot of work these days. And I will also hopefully start reading things so that I can try to find the answers myself.

1. Are you working people like me? I work in a private company in Mumbai. IT-related stuff, although not exactly. Do you follow all these principles?
2. If someone sets out to be a Sanyasi, isn't that considered as not doing duty towards his parents? of serving them, looking after them?
3. I guess my duty would be serving my parents and brothers who depend on me. (I'm not married - just 26 yrs), other than those toward God. Hence, my dharma is to do work to serve my family.
4. I'm attaching a text file containing questions asked by someone in the new group.
5. What's the truth about heaven, hell etc? 
   a) If people are punished in hell, why is it said that they will be punisehd for their bad doings in the next birth? 
   b) If there's hell, how long will the souls be there? AFtehr the punishment, will the soul go to Heaven or take rebrith? 
c) If one goes to heaven, is that Moksha? But heaven is for Gods. How can men be there? And in heaven you find materialistic things (from what i have seen in serials, etc.) that men aer not supposed to do in the Earth. How is this justified? 
  D) If souls take rebirth, why do we perfom rituals for "pitrs" ?     They would have already been "de-linked" from us?

Please answer these questions only at your lesiure. I know you people would have better things to do than answering my questions. 

(I can understand even if I don't get any reply. Please do not reply if these questions don't answer one.)

Thanks again,
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I am Amit from Mumbai. I saw this group while searching for
information on Hinduism and Vedas on the net. I hit on certain sites
that deal with VEdas and the information contained in them left me
puzzled. Can anyone in this group give me an answer to m question?

The information in the sites that I visited mentions that in the
Vedas, Indra is the one who is mentioned the most. Who is followed by
Agni, Sun etc. There is very little reference to anyone in the
Trimurtis -Vishnu, Brahma, or Shiva.

Since I am not from a family of priests or I have not learned the
Vedas. But I saw some online translations in English, and in that I
saw that mostly Gods like Indra, Agni, Varuna, Surya etc are

Then, from where did Hindus know that Trimurtis are above all these
Gods? Or Why did they believe so? Why all the rituals mentioned in
the Vedas are related to Gods other than the Trimurtis or other Gods
like Ganesha and Kartikeya or Godesses like Parvat or Sri Lakshmi?

If anyone of you can answer these queries, I will be grateful to you.

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