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> As already mentioned by some members on this list,
> most english
> translations of the Vedas were done by people who
> didn't belong to the
> Hindu religion. I strongly suggest that you read the
> book titled "The
> Vedas" - a compilation of various discourses by his
> holiness Sri
> Chandrashekhara Saraswati. He clearly explains that
> the Karma Kaanda
> of Vedas are not in conflict with the Jnaana kaanda,
> and the process
> of understanding the Upanishadas finally leading to
> self-realization
> is only possible by following a disciplined course
> of actions. 

While no advaitin officially accepts the secondary
status of karma-kanda, let me point out that the seeds
of this dichotomy are embedded in the first principles
of advaita-vedanta. Advaita-vedanta is the only school
that bifurcates veda-s into karma-kanda and
gyan-kanda. Later vedantin scholars have rightfully
taken shankara to task for this arbitrary division of
veda-s. There was no reason to bifurcate veda-s into
two parts unless there were qualitative differences
between them.

Personally, I find this division very insightful.
Anything associated with action cannot have a
universal and eternal applicability as opposed to
knowledge which can be true for all times. I guess
this is an important reason for advaita-vedanta's
appeal to a motley bunch of non-traditional seekers.
However, purists and scholars of other schools have a
legitimate point when they accuse advaita-vedanta of
relegating a major portion of veda-s to a secondary

With regards,
Ram Garib

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