[Advaita-l] My Questions and My Mails

Santhosh Nair santhosh_twin at rediffmail.com
Sun Mar 19 09:52:17 CST 2006

This is the third mail I am writing to this group after I got replies to some my questions. The two mails that I sent earlier bounced. I hope that this does not bounce. 
In my second mail (you can find the mail below), I had mentioned about starting a group. I have started a group were questions like these could be answered. Anyone, who is ready to answer such questions can please join the group. 

I am pasting the two mails that I sent before this below:


First of all, I want to thank all of you who have replied to message. Shri Subramanya Hirannnaiah, Shri Krunal, Shri Ram Garib, Shri Vishwanath, Shri Eashwer, and Shri Senani. (Forgive me if I have missed out anyone)

Those were truly valuable inputs. So I understand is:

-the main thing I have to do is to do my duty, which will include paying my debts toward God, Parents/Family, and Sages. 
-praying can be of many forms, I can even remember him continuously or chant God's names whenever possible.
-Alcohol/meat-now this is one thing for which I got a variety of different answers. And this is exactly why I am confused. Because whoever supports/opposses this has a source to attach the idea to. Which of these should one follow. I don't know if it helps, but I am Not from a Brahmana community. I think caste-wise, I will be a kshatriya). I could not read what was discussed about caste here and how correct/incorrect the caste-system is. But I believe certain activities are allowed in some castes and not allowed in some other castes (I think what Shri Senaniji meant by "Sadhaka" is a priest, which would mean that the Sadhaka is from the Brahmana community. IS this correct. Or have I gone wrong again??) 

Oh I think I should just give up and do my duties and perfrom whatever I want. But then I should not be performing vices. and not knowing which are vices and which are not, I cannot decide. God, Help Me. 

I sincerely thank all of you who have replied to my messages. I will try to learn more. The problem then is, I don't know what to read. Yes, Bhagawat Gita could be a good option. 

And what Senaniji has mentioned: Gautama,Apastamba (I, 5, 17.21),Manu (V, 56): I don't even know what these are. Can these be learned? Are these text books like Bhagawad Gita?

Once again, sorry for my stupid questions in this list. I think I would start another list where such issues can be discussed (where ignorant fools like me can seek advice.) Please reply if any of you have answers to my questions. I assure you that I would not post any messages after this regarding this subject after this. 

Thanks & pranams,

Hi All
Actually, I had posted a mail thanking all of you who responded to my questions.

I wish to thank all of you who responded to my silly questions in such a forum where discussions of much higher level are happening. But as I said, I could not find a better place to post them. 

I still have a lot of questions but I don't have time (lot of work these days) to post them all. I know I am also bothering those of you who are not intersted in such discussions with my mails. Sorry of that.

I have created a separate group at this address http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vedantaqueries.

Currently, you might not find any new discussions on it as I have just started it. I invite all of you people who are ready and available to answer basic questions by people like me to join the group. (I am now afraid that I will be the only person who will be asking questions.!) 

Thank you all of you,

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