[Advaita-l] discussion about panchayatan puja

Abhishek RK rkabhi at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 03:41:56 CST 2006

I was not aware that this was addressed to agni as such. But this (parts I
quoted) suggests the non-difference in agni and the yajamana. A similar
message is given in upaniShad.

What I was suggesting was learning to chant the brahmana and other parts of
your shakha when I said study them.


On 3/17/06, Siva Senani Nori <sivasenani at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Anyways, thanks to Abhishekji for making me read some part of a brAhmaNa
> for
> the first time.
> Senani

> satyena dhAryate pRthvi satyena tapate raviH|
> satyena vAti vAyushca sarvaM satye pratishThitam||
> calA lakShmIshcalAH prANAshcalaM jIvita yauvanaM|
> calAcale ca saMsAre dharma eko hi nishcalaH||

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