[Advaita-l] advaitaanubhuti and aparokshanubhuti

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Wed Mar 15 07:07:05 CST 2006

Dear Amuthan,
  Sorry for the delay in replying.  Thanks for your detailed mail.

Amuthan <aparyap at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
--- King Krsna wrote:
> Can advaita tatva be explained by logic? If not
> how far can shaastras take you to in attaining
> aparokshabuti?

advaita cannot be explained completely based on logic.
the truth of advaita is self-evident (svataH siddham).
logic, however, can be effectively used if we accept
some basic tenets of advaita as true based on faith. 

  Can you please explain about the basic tenets of advaita that you are talking about here.
as explained earlier, anubhUti is something that is
always present. for an uttamAdhikAri, shAstropadesha
can directly remove aj~nAna and hence cause
aparokShAnubhUti. for others, shAstra-s can give the
necessary j~nAna (in this case, parokSha j~nAna) and
vairAgya to attain aparokShAnubhUti. 

  Thanks and Regards,
  K. Krishna Chaitanya.

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