[Advaita-l] aparokshanubhuti means?

s v a a_satish03 at rediffmail.com
Thu Mar 9 02:30:43 CST 2006

         fairly speaking i dont hav Aparokshanubhuti. But, what i read about it. I have certain points about it.Till u r experiencing some thing u r not beyond Duality.As Yogi Arvind said, series of experiences never end, as desire to get more experience doesnt seize.So Aparokshanubhuti is not a experience, where "Experiencer is experiencing some one" as there is no place for " Drashta & Drusha"(Seere&seeing object).
         Hence, We cant experience Brahma, as we are Brahma.
The Mundak Upanishad said," At, seeking Brahma, Speech comes back with mind, without reaching to Brahma". May i be misunderstood, please anyone can add to this thinking. I think, Shankaracharya also didn't mean Aparokshanubhuti as a experience.


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