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Hi Shri Santosh  nair

Hope you read my  reply to krisna chaitanya re my thoughts about advaitha...

Now about the way of Advaithic living , as I see

God is the energy behind all forms of the life of this universe (The
Bhramhan). To feel that presence within yourself (surrendering false self
"ego") and all the living beings isthe real " Bhakthi" . Realising this and
thanking that "God" for what all u have and your exisitance is  the
"prayer". (Bhakthi yoga)

You are obligated towards parents/ forefathers/ co borns/ your children/
friends/ techer/ society at large. Working to fullfill these obligations is
your duty. Just caryy on these duties to best of your ability without
bothering the results.(Karma yoga)

To carry out  the above two you shud be fit enough physically and mentally
for which you you have to do regular physical and pshycological
excersises...inclu Ashtanga  yoga, pranayama, Dhyana etc.....( Raja yoga)

Finally, keep exploring yourself by various means thru scriptures/books/
Guru) to realise finally that you are that "Bhramhan" (Jnana Yoga)

The right mixture of all these four according to your background and
attitude would  be the right way of Living.

Hope I am clear........(All the learned in the group may please correct me,
where ever I amwrong)


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Hi All,

This is a request to all members of this group. To whoever can give an
answer to my questions.
Before asking the questions that I have, I should mention that I know
absolutely nothing about vedas. I only have the knowledge of God throug the
stories that I have heard. I know Ramayana and Mahabharata. Nothing more.
Have heard and learned about the life of Adi Shankaracharya. But just a
brief summary. I'm not very well versed with his teachings. I tried to learn
about God, Vedas etc but the more I read, the more I get confused.

So is there anyone who would be ready to help a very very confused soul?

How should one live according to Advaita? Whom should one pray to? Is
someone allowed to have nonveg and alcohol? Are there any specific rules
regarding praying, like how many times to pray or when to pray?

I know that this group is for much more intellectual and knowledgable kind
of people and not for totally ignorant fools like me. But this is the only
group where I found sensible discussions (though sometimes it is hard for me
to comprehend) are happening.  Please reply if possible. Or at least give me
a source wehre I could find this information.

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