[Advaita-l] Veda/Shastra sanction of 'Sagothram' marriage?

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As per my understanding, the sagothra concept is as follows :

In case of pancharishi of both bride and groom, 3 out of 5 rishi
matches, then its sagotra.
In case of triarishi of both bride and groom, 2 out of 3 (1 out of 3 ?)
matches, then its sagotra.

In case of triarishi for bride and pancharishi for groom and vice versa,
I do not know.

But all these are found out in Dharmasindhu, even what I have quoted
above... And to my understanding, sagotra vivaaha is nishiddha ....
Since, the children born are considered as Chaandaala .... Lowercaste
marriage is for grooms and upper caste marriages for brides are
perfectly fine ... But sagotra vivaaha is supposed to be nishiddha ... 

Learned people, please comment and correct me if I am wrong.


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I do not know if this is an appropriate forum to raise
the following issue. So please disregard it if

In a discussion with some Vaidikas, someone pointed
out that Sagothram (same Gothram) marriages are
sanctioned in the Shastras under certain exceptions.
But I could neither obtain information on which texts
sanctioned it nor on the exceptions.

I would appreciate very much if someone could provide
a pointer to any relevant works.

L. Iyer.

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