[Advaita-l] Adi Shankara institution of worship

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Dear members
Sri Adi Shankara is attributed with revivalism of Hinduism which faced opposition to some of its tenets like animal sacrifices in Yagas and insistance of Vedas recital only by Brahmanas.He emphasised on Jnana Kanda of the vedas.Logically put forth arguments to refute the criticisms of both Buddhism and Jainism.This is as per recorded history.Adi Shankara is also called Shanmatha sthapanachrya.He instituted proper worship of Souram-Sun god-.Shaktham -Devi worship,Ganapadyam -Ganapathy worship,Koumaram-Skandha worship,Saivam-worship of Lord Shiva,and Vaishnavam-Worship of Vishnu.He has also given a number of literary works-mainly sthothras- like Soundhrya lahari,Shivanandha Lahari,Subrahmanya Bujangam,Sri Ganesa Panchrathnam ,Baja Govindham,Sri Mahishasura Mardhini Sthothram the list almost endless.
He advocated that  Brahmaiva sathyam and Jagan mithyam.The very important thing is that based on Vedas only He gave His Advaita and all His Bashyas reiterated this great understanding that there is no duality and whatever differences we see in the world outside are due to superimposition  on the ever pernament Brahman and this superimposition springs from Anadhi Avidhya which has to be removed by right knowledge.If one reads His Athma Bhodha one will appreciate how in very clear logical steps He explains  that knowledge alone will result in realising Brahman.
The other literary works in praise of deities and pujas are intended for the beginners so to say to lead them to investigate within themselves the One without  the second.The grandeur of His literary works will definitely propel one to further go up the path of Brahman finding.
This is my understanding of Sri Shankara`s philosophy.Real Bhakthi is Athma Vicaram.

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