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Namo narayana,
                  1>  As told by shri Vishwanathan
"All ritulas we carry is nothing but to gain 
Physical/ Pshycologial
strenths or materials to carry out living and Nothing
              But it contradicts the statement of gita
where lord Krishna says that those who dont take
shelter to me and worship me they go again and again
in power of maya and take birth in this world again
and again 
"Daivi hyesha gunamayi mam maya duratyaya 
 Mameva ye prapadyante mayam etam taranti te"

so how can the worship of god and rituals intimately
connected with it are just to gain physical and
pshycologial strength to carry out living?
      2>  Though the supreme truth is one but to
understand it we have to take the shelter of worship
as though the electricity is same throughout, to take
its advantage or to use it we have to convert it into
some other form like light or kinetic.
similarly to understand the supreme brahman we have to
take the shelter some form of it as the supreme
brahman cannot be understood directly having this
limited body.
and also as stated in gita the path of sankhya will
give only pain in  due course of time as stated in

 "sanyasastu mahabaho dukhamaptumayogatah"

therefore it is neccesary to take shelter of yoga to
attain the brahmana.

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