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Shree Sylvain - PraNAms

AS I understand:

Adhyaasa is specifically used as error of superimposition - it is like
snake where there is a rope.  Here it is not that snake is superimposed
on top of the rope.  Here the error is mistaking snake where the rope
is.  The error arises because of ignorance of the rope.  Mind projects
something other than what it is.  Ignorance 'as though' covers the true
identity of the object while due to vixepa Shakti the mind projects
something other than what it is.  This error is adhyaasa. In terms of
its application Shakaara says the perception of the world as different
from its substative Brahman is an error of superimposing something other
than what is - hence adhyaasa. If I see something different from Brahman
it is an error.  Any object seen is therefore an error, since Brahman
cannot be seen. 

Adhyaaropa apavAda is slightly different - it is a method of teaching
adopted by Vedas to teach, that which cannot be taught.  It is not an
error but a progressive teaching to take the student from vyaavahaarika
satyam to transcendental reality.  For example, Vedas define first
Brahman as jagat kAraNam or the cause for the world.  Once one
appreciates that level and take Iswara as prabhu or the Lord and pursue
the yoga (karma, upAsana and jnAna), then vedas goes one step further
and  as though pulls the carpet underneath to declare that Brahman is
not even a cause and there is no creation either since there is nothing
other than Brahman.  nedam yadidam upAsate - Brahman is not this that
you worship.  Until then worship is required for chitta suddhi but one
has to graduate from that, and go beyond cause and effect relationships,
which are time bound.  That methodology of teaching is called adhyaaropa
apavAda.  For more details, Please see the error analysis discussed in
the Notes on Mandukya.

Hari OM!

--- Sylvain <elisabeth-sylvain at sympatico.ca> wrote:

> Namaste
> At the beginning of the page 
> http://www.geocities.com/snsastri/vedacontent.html
> there is the word adhyAsa meaning superimposition.
> In a book on the teachings of Ramana Maharshi, the word adhyAropa is
> used to mean superimposition.
> Can we say adhyAsa and adhyAropa are synonyms ?
> Sylvain
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