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namaste Kathiresan,

I have read and understood your question.

Other than the Guru gita - the three chapters from Skanda Purana and the Guru charitram on Lord dattatreya nothing is ringing a bell in my mind.

These two books praises the guru and explains the Gurutatvam.
There is a mention of offering puja to the Guru in the Gurru Charitaram but it is for Lord Dattatreya.

Some of the puranas do mention of Gurupuja. I am looking out for specific details and authentic references before I post them. I have wirtten down the contents of all the puranas 18 of them. let me do my home work properly before I answer your question. I missed to mention this in my previous mail.

The 6th chapter of Srimad Bhagavta mentions the worship offered to the person who is going to teach Srimad Bhagavatm for seven days.- saptAham.

This chapter details the hearing of Srimad Bhagavta for seven days.

evam dInavacah pocya vaktAram cAtha pUjayet

sambhUshya vastrabhUshAbhih pUjAnte tam ca samstavet ...32

shukarUpa prabodhajna sarvashAstra vishArada

etat kathA prakashena madajnAnam vinAshaya.......33

tadgre niyamah pascAt kartavyah sreyase mudA

saptarAtram yathA shaktyA dhAranIyah sa eva hi.......34

Having worshipped the book Srimad Bhagavatm, he should next worship trhe prospective exponent and , fully adorning him with clothes and ornaments, jewels, should further duly extol him at the end of worship as follows.....32

"o manifestation of Shuka, expert as you are in enlightening others and well- versed in the entire scriptures, remove my ignorance by revealing to me this story in the form of Srimad Bhagavata........33

Before him a vow should be taken by the yajamAna the chief listener, for his own spiritual uplifment and it should be truly observed by him at all events to the best of his ability for the full week.......34 

My previous mail was not replied as a justification but as an opportunity to present Swamiji's teachings. 

I am very happy to meet another co - student of Pujya Swamiji.

om namo narayanaya
Lakshmi Muthuswamy

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