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Wed Jun 28 17:30:21 CDT 2006

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> When he teaches that you are limitless, he doesnot mean, "I am
> limited; you are limitless." In fact you are limitless and he is
> limitless.
> The limitless is Brahma, the limitless is Vishnuh, the limitless is
> Rudra or Shiva, and the limitless is you. Everything is this
> limitlessness.
> So when we praise the guru, the human element is absorbed into the
> total element. you either relegate the human element into the
> background or absorb it into the total.It is the total that is
> worshipped. In that way, the guru, the person with a human body who
> teaches, becomes a kind of altar of worship, but what is being invoked
> is the Lord.

Laksmiji  - Beautifully presented. My PraNAms to you.

Hari OM!

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