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S.N. Sastri sn.sastri at gmail.com
Sun Jun 25 19:27:22 CDT 2006

Dear Dr. Yaduji,

You have brought out an excellent point. We can take the statement "devo
bhUtvA devam yajet" as indicating that in our everyday life also and not
only during pUjA, we should cultivate and practise those great qualities
such as compassion, etc., which are attributed to God in the nAmAvalis we
chant during archana. This did not strike me earlier.

Dr.Yadu wrote:
Namste Shastri-Ji for an excellent explanation.

 What really appealed me is your statement -

 "SrI Sankara says in his bhAshya on VishNu
sahasranAma: One should look upon oneself as vishNu while offering praise,
prostration, etc. to vishNu. "

 To me this should like Acharys is clearly trying to ask us to emulate the
meaning that one derives from the "naama - ruupa" and practice this in our
daily rituals, such as puujaa.

 Thus, could we not say that our ancestors wanted to practice advaita
through recognizing " Noun - the naama ruupa" and practice it as "verb" in
our own lives. as per Acharya's lines from the shivamaanasa puujaa.

 yadyatkarma karomi tattadakhilaM shambho tavaara dhanam

 Thanks you

 Dr. Yadu

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