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Srikantaji - PraNAms.

Shreemati Lakshmi Muthuswamy can provide the details.  However, I would
like to provide some info.  Since I learned a lot from him and
particularly the Mandukya Upanishad and I had shown him all my
introductory notes before I left.  He went through the notes and made
some suggestions and as I mentioned I had discussions with him about the
swarUpa LaxaNas. 

Now about him.  He was a graduate of Sandeepany SAdhana laya established
by Chinmaya Mission a two and half-year course fulltime residential
course it is located in Mumbai.  The AchArya training the Brahmacaries
at that time was Swami Dayananda Saraswati who was at the time part of
Chinmaya Mission.  He later separated and formed his own mission called
Arshya vidya.  Swami Paramarthanandaji started teaching in Chennai and
conducts regular classes through the Chennai at various places. 
Whenever I am in Madras, it is blessing for me to attend his lectures.  

I am following closely his teachings for Mandukya and he is very
methodical and analytical.  What I right of course is my understanding,
which I gained from not only him but also swami Dayanandaji when he was
in Chinmaya Mission and other swamis of the mission.  I have presented
before the analysis of Brahmasuutra up to sutra 5 based on
Paramaarthanandaji teaching and they are stored in archives of Advaitin
list.  One can get more information about the teachings and some of his
talks are available on line.  

There is also eight MP3's available on the Mandukya kArika that one can
order from the address provided in his web site.  

I am sure Shreemati Lakshmi Muthuswami can shed more light on his
activities and background.

Hari OM!

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> Pranamas
> In your reply you have mentioned about Swami Paramarthananda,Could you
> please tell me who this is?
> Harih Om
> N.Srikanta.
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