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Fri Jun 23 03:45:06 CDT 2006

Lakshmi gaaru,

Thank you for the reply to my post.  You mentioned
that SrI gItAdhyAnam is a work of SrI madhusUdhana
saraswati.  If so can you please tell the dvaitin's
stand on this.  Do they accept this.  From what I have
observed it seems to be that V.Advaitin's accept the
sloka.  So how would they interpret the meaning of the
word advaitaamruthavarshiniim.

Thanks and Regards,
K. Krishna Chaitanya

> King Krsna <krsnachaitanya at yahoo.co.in> wrote: Dear
> Members,
> SrI gItAdhyAnamu
> pArthAya pratibOdhitAm bhagavatA nArAyaNEnaa swayam
> vyAsEna grathitAm purANamuninA madhyE mahAbhAratam
> advaitAmRtavarshNIm bhagavatE mashTAdaSAdhyAyinI
> mambatvAmanusandadhAmi bhagavadgItE bhavadvEshiNIm
> This a sloka from SrI gItadhyAnam, which appears at
> the beginning of most of the books on
> Srimadbagavadgita.
> By  Sri Madhusudhana Saravti
> om namo narayanaya
> Lakshmi Muthuswamy
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