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Shree Srikantaji PraNAms.

Thanks for your comments.  If I can say: 

--- srikanta at nie.ac.in wrote:

> I am reading with interest the above discussion.from the advaitic
> point of
> view the views of "Pratibhasika"and "vyavaharika"points are tentative
> assumptions only.

Yes, you are right, from the advaitic point of view.  Even 'advaita'
itself is tentative, since it negates the dvaita.  However, until one is
established in the advaitic understanding, the apparently tentatives
appear to be real.  Obviously, the Mandukya is intended only to those
who feel the tentative world is real.  There is a sloka in
VivekachuuDamani.  It says:
avijnAte pare tatve shAstrAdIstu niShpala|
vijnAtepi pare tatve ShAstrAdistu niShpala||

A simple translation would imply that for those who are ignorant, the
study of the scriptures is useless and for the knower of the truth, the
study of the scriptures is useless.  Obviously, the first statement
would mean the study is useless unless one assimilates the knowledge
through shravaNam, mananam and nidhidhyaasanam.  ShravaNam, as Swami
Paramaarthanandaji puts it, is a consistent systematic study of the
scriptures for a prolonged length of a time under a competent teacher. 
Mananam is the assimilation of that knowledge until no more doubts are
left in the mind.  Nidhidhyaasana is internalization of that knowledge
or as Bhagavaan Ramana puts it as firm abidance in the knowledge of that

>However one goes through the analysis of these points
> one
> gets entagled in the mire of logic.

Actually if one reads kArika - the second and third chapters, GoudapAda
goes through exhaustive analysis of kArya kAraNa vilaxana aspect to
establish the ajAti vAda.  What I am presenting are fundamental concepts
to appreciate the depth of analysis of the Agama prakaraNa, which
GoudapAda glosses over. 

Anyway, as discussed in my first post, it is written as part of my
nidhidhyaasana.  If it helps others, that is fine.  Those that are not
interested will skip them anyway. 

For a JnAni like Gaudapada,all the
> states including waking state is false at one stroke.All are 
> appearances
> in Turiya.He declares:
> Prapanco yadi vidyeta nivarteta na samsayah!
> Mayamatram idam dvaitam advaitam paramartathah!!
> Svapanamaye yatha drste gandharvanagaram yatha!.
> In the Alatasanti prakarana,he declares that even the mind is not born
> Etasmat jayate na cittam citta drsyam na jayate!
> Ye pasyanti te jatim khe vai pasyanti te padam!!
> The appearances for the mind are not born,nor even the mind.Those who
> see
> the birth of the mind,see the footprints of the bird in the sky!

Yes Srikantaji, when we come to the alAtashAnti prakarana, let us hope
to graduate to that understanding.  Till then let us study
systematically in steps until our understanding is abiding.  Obviously,
the notes are meant for those who have not graduated from the first
three chapters. 

Thanks for taking time to make a point.  What you mentioned is clearly
the nature of  the truth. 

Hari OM!

>                                                       N.Srikanta.
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