[Advaita-l] Sringeri and Kanchi - same incident?

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Sun Jun 18 12:00:32 CDT 2006


Knowing Kartik quite well, I don't think he was trying to take
"potshots". It's certainly the case many are confused with the name
Chandrashekhara. We have seen many people (even on this list) refer to
the Sringeri Acharya as Chandrashekharendra Bharati or even worse
think both were the same (not in the pAramarthic, but in common

It's certainly an interesting example of how someone probably heard
some story about the Sringeri Acharya, confused him with the Kanchi
Acharya, and narrated the story to some other people and now we can
see it in the Kanchi web-site.

As for relating to understanding advaita, not exactly, but the story
is certainly mentioned in a big advaita matha web-site. So it's of
some generic interest. I do agree that it is dangerous to focus on
such happenings to bolster ones "faith". Mahasannidhanam himself has
said that miracles can happen, but they are very rare and many
seemingly paranormal occurences have rational explanations. For
example, he has explicitly said that we can train ourselves to get
quite a bit of information by looking at the changes in expression of
various people. Normally people don't pay much attention, so they miss
these things. I myself have a very skeptical attitude regarding
miracles (even with regard to saints who I have high regard for),
although I do believe from shastra, and from Shankaras comments in the
suutra bhaaShya, that they might happen.


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