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  Lakshmi Muthuswamy,
The following composition with meaning thereof will throw some light on
Tyagaraja's "closeness" to Advaita. One could say he was "close" to Advaita
on the basis that he was born into a Smarta family from Kurnool in Andhra
Pradesh, which subsequenly settled down at Tiruvarur in Tamil Nadu.
Tyagaraja's focus was on nadopasana as a means to moksa.

S. Venkatachalam

dhvaithamu sukhamaa
raagam: reeti gowLa

taaLam: dEshaadi
Composer: Tyaagaraaja
Language: Telugu


dvaitamu sukhamA advaitamu sukhamA


caitanyamA vinu sarvasAkSi vistAramu-gAnu delupumu nAtO


gagana pavana tapana bhuvanAdyavanilO nagadha rAja shivEndrAdi surulalO
bhagavadbhakta varAgrEsharulalO bAga ramincE tyAgarAjArcita


Which conduces to beatitude, Dvaita or Advaita ? Dvaita, which declares that
Jivaatma is different from the Paramaatma or Advaita which asserts that they
are identical ? As the Eternal Witness of cosmos, please enlighten me, Lord.
Throw light on this mystery so that I comprehend it beyond any doubt.
Supreme and Omnipresent, you are declared to be equally manifest in all the
worlds and to delight in sporting in the five elements: The Trinity, the
celestials and the cream of devotees. O worshipped by Tyagaraaja ! Do
enlighten me.

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Annapureddy Siddhartha Reddy <annapureddy at gmail.com> wrote:

  -- Also, you mentioned that tyAgarAja was close to advaita. Could you
tell us more about it? I only know of his devotional songs to shrI
rAma, and was unaware that he advocated advaitic beliefs. Thanks.


  To understand and study Sri Thayagaras contribution to nAda yoga,  one can
spend one's lifetime. I wonder if that is sufficient.

  There is nothing that he has not dealt with in his songs.

  Some examples:

  santamu lekha saukyamuledu

  nAdaloludai brahmananda mandave manasa

  mokshamu galada in sAramati- referring to jivanmukti

  on jivanmukti-   bhu janma mulaku paini jnAniyai baraguta mokshamura,
sahaja bhaktito rAgajnAnasahitudu muktudurA manasA

  gItartamu sangiItanAdamu in Suruti

  narajanmamejanmamu o manasA

  SangItagnAnamu bhakti vinA sanmArgamu galade? manasa (in dhanyAsi)
  kAyajAdi shadripulu jayinchu kAryamu delusunu, tyagarajuuniki.

  I am quoting from the book "The spiritual Heritage of Tyagaraja" an
introductory thesis by Dr. Raghavan - a book worth spending time to study.

  "In enduku peddalavale(shaknkarabharanam) Thyagaraja juxtaposes Veda and
sastra, Advaita jnAna and the secrets of nAda vidyA, implying thereby that a
mastery of the secrets of music confer the same summum bonum as Vedantic
knowledge and spiritual realisation gained by metaphysical pursuits."

  The mistakes in my Telugu tranliteration to be pardoned.

  om namo narayanya

  Lakshmi Muthuswamy

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