[Advaita-l] Re: Question: prAgabhAva apratiyogitvam Vs pravAha anAditvam

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Wed Jun 14 06:29:45 CDT 2006

annapureddy at gmail.com wrote:

>I have a question on your explanation of the liN^ga sharIra and avidhyA. 
>When you said that the >liN^ga sharIra dissolves in deep sleep, how then 
>could it have been generated again (with all the >corresponding vAsanAs) 
>when you come out of deep sleep (or is it the case that the deep sleep >you 
>refer to here is not the dreamless sleep that we all experience). Or if you 
>meant that the
>liN^ga sharIra is dormant in deep sleep, that still means that it's 
>existing. Could you please clarify >this issue?

The liN^ga sharIra does not get destroyed but goes back to its causal state 
in deep sleep. The situation is similar to the destruction of a pot by the 
stroke of a hammer. The pot does not exist in its own form, ie. as a pot, 
but it exists in its causal form, the clay. Please see, for example, advaita 
siddhi's third definition of unreality 

However, there is no functioning of the liN^ga sharIra in deep sleep. One is 
not aware of things such as the mind or intellect as in the dream and waking 
states. Yes, the intellect does function in the dream state because there 
are instances of problem solving in dreams.


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