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Siva Senani Nori sivasenani at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 14 00:50:19 CDT 2006

Annapureddy Siddhartha Reddy <annapureddy at gmail.com> wrote:
  -- If we accept that "liberation" is essentially a conviction of the
mind, then all the
elaborate theories of karma, the movement of the souls through pitR^i
lOka, dEva lOka, lack of vEda adhikAra for the shUdras etc., all of
which form part of shaMkara's exegesis on brahma sUtras, become
irrelevant. They seem to be important only because the vEdas declare
that to be the case. For example, to take up the theory of karma,
having such a theory would enhance moral behaviour amongst humans. If
people were to take the lOkAyata approach of thinking this life to be
the only one, they might not shirk from perpetrating immoral things if
it gives them pleasure. Thus, this theory of karma seems more a
mechanism for promoting moral behaviour than any higher truth (Of
course, I am not denying reincarnation, esp. given some scientific
basis for that).

  Siddhartha gaaru, hello again, and salutations.
  I can't recollect the Sloka or the name of the work now, but I believe Sri SureSvarAchArya has ended a major work on advaita on the lines "and let liberation be to the liberated". The idea is that in truth everybody is liberated, free; only they do not realise it much like when one mistakes a rope to be a snake and thus is afraid. In spite of the very real fear of the person who believes he touched a snake, that object remains a rope. Similarly we think this body is mine, karma sticks to me, I should do good deeds, etc. but in reality we are unbound, free, one with the Ultimate.
  That said, even from a rational point of view, Karma should not be denounced. The reason is that learned people  conduct themselves well without the elaborate scheme of karma, heaven, hell, rebirth etc., but since these are the role models, even if unwittingly, to the multitude and since the multitude might lack the special quality of these role models, something like the Karma doctrine is required for well being of the Society at large. Dharma is indeed based on achAra, conduct, of the SishTas. And if the learned denounce Karma, even in private, their conduct reflects that at least once in the long journey that life is, and with these instances piling up one upon the other, society gradually becomes lawless. Thus, it is the responsibility of the learned towards Society that they respect law, Dharma, however transient it might seem to them.
  In a related way, we all know of the scores of stupid laws that we live with. The law might be an ass, but violation is not the solution; amendment following the due process is the solution.

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