[Advaita-l] avyAkRita

S.N. Sastri sn.sastri at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 00:00:06 CDT 2006

Sylvain wrote on 31 May 2006
� avyAkRita � : Can we say thinking is avyAkRita (non-manifested) ? Some
says all thoughts have tiny electric neuronal impulses in the brain.

If we cannot say that, what is the avyAkRita ?

Also, is � asambhUti � a synonym of � avyAkRita � ?
avyAkRita is a term used in Vedanta for referring to the unmanifested state
of the universe. It appears in bRihadAraNyaka upanishad, 1.4.7 where Sankara
has explains it as 'the causal state of this manifested universe'. The term
asambhUti appears in ISAvAsyopanishad, mantra 12 The meaning given there by
Sankara is 'the primal cause, prakRiti'. So both these refer to prakRiti.


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