[Advaita-l] A critical study of IshtasiddhivivaraNam

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*            by Anubhutiswaroopacharya*.

Advaita literature can be broadly classifies into two categories; first,

those which strengthen the arguments in the Sankara bhAshya of PrasthAna

ThrayI and the second, the independent works explaining and defending

 the tenets of Advaita.

The "Siddhi" works come under the second category-- Brahmasiddhi by Sri

Mandana Misra, Naishkarmyasiddhi by Sri Sureshvaracharya, Ishtasiddhi by Sri

Vimuktatman and Advaitasiddhi by Sri Madhusudana Sarasvati.

Brahma Siddhi devotes itself to the  "what" of the desire to know Brahman

(lakshaNa and pramANa). Naishkarmya Siddhi concerns itself with the "how" of

Brahman knowledge (means of knowledge and action).Istasiddhi engages

itself with the "why" of Brahman knowledge (nature and cause of error that

explains the appearance of the world). Advaita Siddhi concerns itself with
word-by-word refutation of the Madhva School.

Sri Anubhuthi Swaroopacharya has written a commentary on Ishtasiddhi called

"Ishtasiddhi VivaraNam". Anubhuthi Swaroopacharya has dealt in detail with
the description and nature of mAyA., the distinction between jIva and
ISvara, the refutation of Nyaya and Vaiseshika and refutation of the theory
of difference cum non difference. His views on jIvanmukti and vidhehamukti
are original. He maintains that mAyA exists even in liberation.

Dr R Krishnamurthy Sastrigal, retired Principal, Madras Sanskrit College,
Chennai had

presented a critical study of  Ishtasiddhi VivaraNam in Sanskrit for his
doctoral thesis. This has now been published by Adi Sankara Advaita Research
Centre,17,Bishop Wallers Avenue (West) Mylapore, Chennai 600 004(Phone
No:24991147,24994423 &24990459-email sviswa at md2.vsnl.net.in).  along with an
English translation by Sri S.N.Sastri.

Besides, the book contains also the original text of IshtasiddhivivaraNam in
Sanskrit as an attachment. The book is attractively priced at Rs 400.


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