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On 8/25/06, Antharyami <sathvatha at gmail.com> wrote:

> DesikA's work. This in turn indicates that, appayya dIkshitha was consistent
> enough to toggle between siva and Vishnu deities, not excluding his attempt
> to establish hari-hara aikya, in addition

> to creative innovations of stating
> *that Siva is really the *Parabrahma,* that it is the *Sivasakti* in the
> female form that is known as *Parvati*, and that it is the same sakti which
> is known as Narayana in the male form, and that on account of these, *Hari,
> Hara *and *Ambika*, all the three have *Brahmatva*.

> Ironically,
> appayya dikshitha was smart enough to affirm that Ramayana and mahA bhAratha
> talks about the greatness of lord shiva and not about NarAyana

Your attempts to "show" the great Appaya Dikshita in such poor light
is itself enough to show your ignorance and bias. Incidentally,
several vaiShnavas have already "shown" that all the great advaitins
like Adisha~Nkara, vidyAraNya and others are actually vaiShNavas! We
really don't don't need any more such historical revisionisms.

> He boldly
> issues such invalid statements.

What have you got against this important historical personality that
makes you speak like this?

>After all these, appayya dIkshtha, goes one
> step ahead to say, that bagavad gIta too speaks the greatness of Shiva and
> not Vishnu as such. I reclaim once again that appayya dIkshitha is not at
> all an advaitin. By his attempts, he may be regarded as shaivite & not more
> than that.

This really shows your painful ignorance of ShaNmata sampradAya of
shrI Adisha~Nkara which includes *shaivam also*. What this means is
advaitins can have bhagavAn shiva as their iShTadevata and still be
advaitins. They may hold their iShTadevata above other devatas, but
that in no way goes against advaita or shA~Nkara sampradAya.

tasmAttvamuttiShTha yasho labhasva
jitvA shatrUn bhu~NkShva rAjyaM samR^iddham|
mayyaivaite nihatAH pUrvameva
nimittamAtraM bhava savyasAchin||11.33||
-bhagavAn shrIkR^iShNa, bhagavadgIta

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