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Sat Aug 26 02:54:54 CDT 2006

Hari Om,

Abhishek ji,

It is right that you mentioned vEda vyAsa is the incarnation of Vishnu, but
vyAsa only compiled the purANAs as against you said he wrote all of them.
vyAsa is also known to have classified the purANAs into three, sat, rajas
and tamas. Padma purANa declares that,

satvIka mOksha prOkthA rAjasA swargadhA shubhA: |

tataiva tAmasA dEvi nirayabrati hEtava: ||
ie., only sAtvika purANAs render mOksha while rAjasika purANas mere swarga
and tAmasika purANas the naraga. It is utter misconception to ascribe
impartiality or so to vishNu in this manner. In the harivamsa, kailAsa yAtra
parvan lord MahEswara beautifully mentions that lord NarAyaNa is the non
dual entity of the whole Universe and strongly mentions that worship of Him
(Shiva )  without the knowledge of NarAyaNa as the supreme deity, is of no
use. Adi shankara, incarnation of Lord MahEswara, too sponsores the
sagunOpAsana unto NarAyaNa alone. Hence MahEswara is eternally revered for
his Brahma Tatva Bodhana without whom there is no true philosophy that would

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