[Advaita-l] Appaya Dikshitha

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Fri Aug 25 09:58:17 CDT 2006

Hari Om,

Shri Balasubramaniam ji,

It is above my capacity; anyone's capacity for that matter, to impose best
stuffs or otherwise to Adi Sankara. To me the philosophy started and ended
with Adi Sankara, as for Heidegger with Aristotle. Succesors tried mere
contemplation of his philosophy. Apart from this, the attempts to propound
new philosophies including RamAnuja did not present & establish itself to
the extent advaita did. As an admirer and an aspirant of advaita vEdAnta I
revere prAcIna advaita vernacular literature at the same time im much
bothered about the purity of the system without being plagiarized. No matter
one being vaishnava or smArta or any other sect, the ideological orientation
may probably vary and not necessarily cling on to their genealogical origin.
In that sense, I'm hurt on the manner I'm ferociously pounced at, and being
isolated alleging that I'm a vaishNava. Srivaishnavites getting approval for
their pet theories or the pet saiva theories morphing with advaitins are
their personal claims which I do not want to comment upon. All that I say is
that, contemprory advaitI's must know that their philosophy is unique and
transcends beyond nominal sects that prevail hitherto. Convincing those is
not my job.

|| vijayate Vishnur vikalpOrjitham ||


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