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Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian rama.balasubramanian at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 13:32:44 CDT 2006

Here we go again. Yet another Srivaishnavite trying to impose his
"vishnu-is-the-best" stuff on Sankara. This has been dealt extensively
by me before on this list (with proper quotations from various
bhaashyas). I suggest the archives.

I wonder why many Srivaishnavites are trying to get Sankara's approval
for their pet theories. Frankly, and quite bluntly, nonsense such as
found below is not going to convince any smaarta.


On 8/23/06, Antharyami <sathvatha at gmail.com> wrote:

> Adi Sankara, surEswarAcArya and many of prAcIna advaitI's considered these
> principle upaNisads parama pramANa. There are few other upaNisads such as
> svEtAswara upaNisad, jAbAla upaNisad, subAlOpanisad, Kausitaki BrAhmaNa
> upanisad, Nrsimha tApanIya upaNisad etc which are quite often quoted by Adi
> Sankara. Hence the number of authoritative upaNisads based on prasthAnatraya
> BAsyas of Adi Sankara including VartikakArA's and tIka kArA's count to
> hardly 20 or so only. The technological inventions of 108 upanishads are
> apramANa and are hapless for true adavita vEdAnta.
>     2)  Sri Appaya dIkshita cannot be claimed as an AdvaitI since he widely
> differs to Adi
> Sankara and opposed to many of the prAcIna advaita vernacular literature.
> Appaya dIkshitha is well known for his desperate attempt to establish Siva
> parathva (Siva as paraBrahman) is on totality against prAcIna advaita held
> by Adi Sankara including his direct disciples until MadusUdana Saraswati.
>     3)  Appaya dIkshitha propounded SivAdvaita and made vyAkyAna  of
> KandaBAsyam
> which is noway in line with the advaita vEdAnta vernacular literatures.
> Henceforth true advaitI's do not (should not) follow or include Appaya
> dIkshita to our system.
> 4)      Sri MElputtUr NArAyaNa pattathri , a revered AdvaitI rightly pointed
> out in NArAyaNIyam  (90-5) that Adi Sankara does not take sides to saiva and
> VaisNava sects. His philosophy transcends beyond such distinctions  wherein
> he affirms Sri NArAyaNa alone as SaguNa Brahman.

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