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Wed Aug 23 09:52:45 CDT 2006

Fascinating! But how do you recon which is the middle of yajur veda.  Could
you please give me that verse?


On 8/23/06, S.N. Sastri <sn.sastri at gmail.com> wrote:
> The great Polymath Srimad Appayya Dikshita makes an interesting statement
> about the constituent letters of the praNava Om in his work
> 'SivArkamaNidIpikA'.  He says: "It is well known from works such as
> PrapanchasAra of SrI Sankara that Om (aum) is the combination of the first
> letter of the first veda, the middle letter of the middle veda and the
> last
> letter of the last veda".
> The first letter of Rgveda is 'a' of agnimILe'. The middle letter of
> yajurveda is 'u' of the word 'samudro'  which comes right in the middle of
> this veda. The last letter of sAmaveda is 'm', since this veda ends with
> the
> words 'samAnam varam'.
> S.N.Sastri
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