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Tue Aug 22 11:54:07 CDT 2006

  bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com wrote: 
It is a traditional belief that purANa-s are the essence & appendage to the
apaurushEya shruti. As such they are somewhat in an inferior position when
it comes to authority. They depend on the Vedas for their authority but
the Vedas do not depend on them for authority.For that matter advaita
traditionalists take both rAmAyaNa and mahAbhArata also as ancient
literature & treat them as valid pramANa, but those texts to be interpreted
in accordance with shruti. purANa-s should not violate what is meant in the
vEda-s. Likewise, the other auxiliary literature is also meant to
supplement apaurushEya vEda, not to contradict them.

  Everyone talks about "apauruSheyatva of veda" emphatically.  
  Can some please elaborate what is that "apauruSheya knowledge" we all talk about!?.  Often the answer is that Newton discovered the gravity which already existed thus "gravity" is apauruSheya knowledge.

  Based on the above example can someone give me some examples of that "apauruSheya knowledge".

  My apologies for trying to look for "suurya and jayandratha" at the same time.
  Dr. Yadu

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