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Tue Aug 22 08:12:33 CDT 2006

Dear Sri Parasukhanandanadha-ji,Namaste.

I said I will comment on your concluding statement. You

“In my opinion, when jiiva himself is Siva, the question of
merging with god at any time doesn’t arise at all.  Only by
the ignorance, Siva is considering himself as jiiva.  Siva
never became jiiva nor there was any jiiva ever existed.” 

Wonderful. ‘Only by ignorance, Siva is considering himself
as jiiva’. So in order to remove that ignorance, Siva, in
the ignorant stage has to do the sAdhanA and make the jiiva
‘merge’ in Siva. This merging means ‘removing the
ignorance’ . Nothing more. All the sAdhanA, all talk about
merging, -- all these are done in the VyAvahArika level.
They are not done in the ParamArthika level. At the
ParamArthikA level there is nothing to be done. Only

Let us not mix up  the VyAvahArikA level and the
ParamArthikA level. It is like mixing up apples and
apple-carts or like a confusion between the actor and the
role he plays, or a superposition of the dream on the
waking experience. The mahAvAkya ‘tat tvam asi’ is
addressed to the ‘tvam’ who is ignorant. If the ‘tvam’ is
not ignorant, there is no ’tvam’ there any more. There is
only ‘tat’!

PraNAms to all students of advaita

Prof. V. Krishnamurthy

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