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> Yes, the last Hindu academic of prominence that I
> have heard of is Ananda
> Kumaraswamy (or Coomaraswamy), a Sri Lankan Tamil
> Brahmana.

Except for the religions of Indic origin, philosophy
and theology are quite different disciplines and
Coomaraswamy is a philosopher in the strictly western
sense of philosophy. 

Even in this sense, situation in philosophy is by and
large not any better than in theology. Followers of
advaita tradition may take some comfort in the fact
that situation here is not as bad as in some other
schools of Indian philosophy. It is still not uncommon
to find a practicing advaitin teaching the course in a
university of repute. However, the same cannot be said
true about dvaita or vishishtadvaita, which have
become completely inward looking and cut off from the
academia. As with any other discipline, the result of
dissociation of academia from the industry practice
leads to gradual deterioration of quality here also.

While advaitins may not see any cause of alarm in the
gradual erosion of purvapaxin schools, the absense of
any robust challenge from other schools is bound to
lead to a loss of vitality in advaita scholarship in
the long run. 

With regards,
Ram Garib

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