[Advaita-l] Drawing attention to advaita-sAdhanA posts

V. Krishnamurthy profvk at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 17 13:14:13 CDT 2006

Namaste all

This is to draw your attention to what I think is important
material for all seekers of spirituality along the path of
SanAtana Dharma and therefore for the members of this list.
I am referring to the  ongoing thread (of which some of you
may be aware) on an English translation of Kanchi
Mahaswamigal’s discourses on Advaita Saadhanaa  in the
other list “Advaitin”. In this series, from #51 onwards
which appeared (on Aug.16, 06) in
the subject matter is the Role of Bhakti in Advaita
SadhanA.  And in the ongoing sections, he is going to
discuss the Inner Organ (AntaHkaraNaM) and the heart, the
spiritual heart, the target for the Bhakti (Love) of an
Atma-Sadhaka, nirguNa Bhakti and saguNa bhakti, how the
‘higher-grade’ bhakti dissolves the ego, how the jnAni’s
physical body rests and how those of the others leave the
mortal coil, the exact role of Brahma Loka, the ‘myth’ of
the Uttarayana
time for leaving the body, etc. etc.. 

To my knowledge these matters are found only here in their
most elaborate and authentic expository form. Of course the
Tamil Original is found in
and in succeeding web pages. For those who cannot read
Tamil I would  recommend the reading of these posts by all
members on this list. You may  start from post #51  (titled
Section 35: What is Bhakti?) of advaita-sAdhanA  mentioned

If the moderators of this list have no objection I shall
post the advaita SadhanA posts from #52 onwards on this
list also.

PraNAms to all followers of SanAtana Dharma.

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