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> But is it necessary to study sanskrit for realizing
> brahman? It is highly counter intuitive to suggest so.
> Translations into English may not be as good, but what
> about translations into other local Indian languages? 
> I am also curious to know how, for example, sanskrit
> is absolutely essential for understanding brahman. Thanks.

Lakshmiji - PraNAms.
You have raised an important issue. From my understanding, What is required is only full shraddhaa
(faith) in the scriptuall statement 'tat tvam asi' - The biographies of Shree Nisargadatta Maharaj
(authr of 'I am that') and Anandamayima (the fisher woman from Kerala)are revealing.
Everything else is only to establish that shraddaa. 
To quote characteristic response of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi in all these types of questions, "it
is not necessary but it is helpful"; if I can add an additional phrase to it, 'but for those who
think it is needed, it is necessary'.  

Hari OM!

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