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> Dear Shri Shyam
>   Thanks for taking it in right spirit. I certainly agree with you
> understanding scriptures are very important  as means to reach the
> end. But getting struck there itself  is what I was worried about.

Quite a needless worry! How many people do you know who are "stuck"
at the advanced stage of having studied all the upanishhads in the
Sanskrit original?!

It is absolutely imperative to undertake the study of Sanskrit
grammar if and when possible so as to understand the scriptures, as
the following extract from "Dialogues with the Guru" reveals.

Note: HH = His Holiness Chandrasekhara Bharati Mahaswamigal

Chapter 5, Section 4: "Study of Sanskrit"

HH: ... I want you to make the best use of your present Brahmana
birth and undertake the study of Sanskrit.

L: But why insist on the study of Sanskrit?

HH: There are many things in the Sanskrit sacred literature,
especially the concepts of Dharma and Brahman, an accurate conception
of which you can never get through translations or
adaptations...There are concepts which can be conveyed by a single
word in Sanskrit, but which can never be defined accurately in other
languages...Brahman is one of them, as it is said to be
"aupanishhada" or capable of being known only through the Upanishads.
Let those, who are not authorised or are otherwise incompetent to
read the Upanishads in the original, resort to translations or

(I don't have the time to type any more, but the point couldn't have
been better made.)

> According to me the Truth is not all that complicated, just we have
> to understand that and contemplate on that for reaching the end of
> 'sefl realisation'. Certainly the journey is long one.The routes
> could be many, but without selecting and starting our  journey,
> keep discussing about the routes wont lead us anywhere. This is
> what I understood by that poem od Shnakara.
>   Pranams
>   Viswanathan

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