[Advaita-l] oldest text considering everyone as oneself

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When these divine revelations, cited here after by Krunal, were put to pen 
and paper ?



Dear Sylvain,

> What is the oldest hindu text that claim the importance of considering 
> everyone as oneself,

sarvam khalu idam brahma (chandogya upanishad 3.14.1) + ayam AtmA brahma 
(bR^ihadAranyaka upanishad 2.5.19)

Everything is verily brahman + Atman is brahman

>loving others,
yastu sarvaaNi bhuutaanyaatmanyevaanupashyati .sarvabhuuteshhu chaatmaana.n 
tato na vijugupsate  isha up. 6

He who sees all beings in the Self itself, and the Self in all beings, feels 
no hatred by virtue of that realisation

>or advaita ideas ?

To my knowledge, the phrase 'advaita' or non-dual comes from the mandukya 
upanishad verse 7.

I don't know if i am correct with the above but I pray to the scholars to 
correct me if i have made any mistakes.Kind regards,Krunal

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namo nArAyana

Dear Sylvain,
> Do you know the approximate date of those writings ?

As the quotes that i have given you are upanishad texts, they are classified 
as shruti, hence no date can be given as shruti are classified to be 
sanAtana (eternal).

But if you are asking when these divine revelations were put to pen and 
paper, only the scholars of this list would be able to answer that.

I hope i have assisted you in this matter.Kind regards,Krunal
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