[Advaita-l] Buddhism Related Discussions

Ravisankar Mayavaram abhayambika at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 15:21:05 CDT 2006

Please see the following point from the list guidelines:

4) Discussion of nAstika philosophies such as Buddhism, Jainism, etc.,
are outside the scope of this list. However, scholarly articles comparing
these traditions with advaita-vedAnta are permitted. You may send them to
the list moderators for prior approval.

You have just  buddhism related questions or you main interest in
buddhism, then those questions are not appropriate for this list. But
if you are scholar of both the traditions (buddhism and
advaita-vedAnta) or at least know these reasonably well, then you can
write a post comparing these.

Personally I do not know much about buddhism to judge the quality of
the articles, fortunately we have Vidya in the moderators list and he
can help moderate this discussion.   If Vidya does not have time to
moderate this discussion, my suggestion is, we should postpone this
discussion and have it at his convenience.

With good wishes,

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