[Advaita-l] Importance of sannyAsa for study of VedAnta

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Tue Sep 27 04:06:16 CDT 2005

ONLY sannyAsIs are eligible to study VedAnta. The BrahmachAris who
might also receive instruction in VedAnta are exceptions to the
general rule, and are not to be emulated.

the Acharya's conclusion is, in that last
stage, it is the Sannyasi that has the right qualifications for
Atma-SadhanA...It is only for such a seeker that the most
blissful gift of Realisation of Brahman happens. That is the
maxim of the Acharya, as also confirmed by the

Hare Krishna

If the term saNyAsI means person with ochre clothes, shaven head &
danda-kamaNdalu..then most of us who are gruhasthA-s should immediately
quit vEdAnta chintana & adhyayana..is it not:-)) Are we going against
shAstra vachana & AchAryOpadEsha then??  First of all, question needs to be
answered here is what is the purpose behind *studying* vEdAnta??  the aim
of vEdAnta adhyayana/brahma jignAsa is obviously Atma jnAna..so, if the
*antyAshrami* is the only eligible aspirant to do shAstrAdhyayana, then it
should be concluded that ONLY saNyAsin-s are eligible for brahma
jnAna...but shankara says in chAndOya shruti bhAshya even gruhasTha-s
(householders) are also eligible for brahma/Atma jnAna.  saNyAsa, here
IMHO, does not mean mere external appearance, it is the mental state in
which the mind unattached to everything, self controlled, void of all
desires & tribulations (asakta bhuddhi sarvatra, jitAtma vigataspruhaH,
naishkarmyasiddhiM praraMAM saNyAsEna adhigacchati says lord in gIta).  So,
here saNyAsa is right knowledge or renunciation of all actions through that
knowledge.  When it comes to brahma jignAsa / Atma jnAna sAdhana external
appearance hardly matters if the aspirant is qualified in internal

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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