[Advaita-l] Liberation outside the Sampradaya

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Mon Sep 26 23:14:38 CDT 2005

The term "Sampradaya" is quite tricky.   It does not refer to any sort of a baptisim.  It is the "right understanding".   Anyone who has it gets Moksha.   "Sampradaya" is an attempt to gauge from any perversion; and to ensure that one gets that right understanding.
The aspirant(s) has(ve) various degrees of previous tendencies (Samskara).  No single universal method is suited for all.  Sampradaya ensures that in what ever stage and state one is, he has a progress towards the right understanding.

Rishi Lamichhane <rishi.lamichhane at gmail.com> wrote:
Dear All,

I have never gotten a coherent answer to this question. Is there
liberation outside the Smarta Sampradaya or not? In addition, what
does it mean for an individual to be in the Sampradaya? For instance
those who have Sannyasin initiation from a member of the Sampradaya
but are not practicing the teachings of that particular tradition, I
assume such an individual would not be considered part of the
Sampradaya, right?


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