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Smt. Meenakshi Lakshmanan  writes:
"Can you please tell me where I can get this commentary on
the Narayaneeyam, Sir? I would be happy to get the original
Malayalam commentary as well. So if you have any
information on that, could you please pass it on to me?"

I am reproducing below the personal information I received
from the authors:

The book Review in "The Hindu" by Shri. C.L. Ramakrishnan,
a very erudite scholar said, "English version of
"Bhaktaranjini", Malayalam commentary by K.G. Vancheswara
Sastry and R. Viswanatha Sastry in three volumes: T. P.
Sivasubramani, G. Sankaran, K.V . Gopalakrishna and Parvati
Sankaran - Tr. in English; S. N. Sastri - Editor, pub. by
Bhaktaranjini Trust, 22 A, II Cross, Judicial Officers' Lay
Out, RMV II Stage, Sanjay Nagar,

The volumes under review present the Sanskrit text of the
Narayaneeyam of Melputhur Narayana Bhattatiri, followed by
transliteration, meaning by splitting the words and
detailed comments. Wherever necessary,
cross-references are provided. Rare and interesting usages
by the poet are explained, highlighting his literary skill.
The philosophical import in the verses has been explained,
supported by quotations from the source book, the Bhagavata
Purana. While the Narayaneeyam is a condensation (1036
verses) of the Bhagavata (18,000 verses), the commentary
gives the incidents and precepts in detail with continuity.

The prose order of the verses helps one to understand the
poetic diction of Bhattatiri, whose style is, at times,
difficult. In addition, there is a glossary of keywords
occurring in the text and an alphabetical index to the
verses. A rare feature is the linkage given to verses in
the Bhagavata.  Interesting explanations are given to the
meaning of words like "Krishna" nd "Kumaraka"; why
Hiranyakasipu, Ravana and others did not attain Moksha
hough they met their end at the hands of the Lord; why the
Lord opened His outh when questioned by Yashoda whether He
had eaten mud; whether Kuchela ntered the house of Rukmini
or any other consort of the Lord and so on.

These explanations are value-additions to the text and
clarify lurking doubts. A lot of hard labour and study have
gone into these volumes. A reading of it reveals its
fidelity to the original commentary"

The price is Rs. 800/- per set of 3 hard-bound volumes, 
which run to more than 1500 pages. packing and forwarding
extra, local, Rs. 40/-, all four southern states, Rs.120/-
and for other places, Rs. 200/-

PraNAms to all lovers of Narayaneeyam.

Prof. V. Krishnamurthy

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