[Advaita-l] bhagavad Gita - question

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Sun Sep 18 23:56:31 CDT 2005

"yantra-ArUdhAni" meaning "mounted
on a machine" - Bhagavad gItA, sloka  61, chapter 18. Can you explain that?
Is it the best translation for theses words? And, what's the real meaning
this sloka for you?

Hare Krishna

prabhuji, this verse should be read completely to understand the meaning of
this word *yaNtrArUdha*..Lord here saying Ishvara abides in the heart of
all creatures (IshwaraH sarva bhUtANAm hruddEshe tishTathi) & causing them
to revolve as per their karma by his *illusive power* seated as those
beings are in the vehicle of the body (bhrAmayan sarva bhUtAni
yaNtrArUdhAni *mAyaya*)...Here yaNtra means our body, mind & intellect...&
lord sits in that...how??  through his illusive power...

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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