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Thu Sep 15 01:52:26 CDT 2005

Dear Prof VK,
A similiar article had appeared in The Telegraph also. I had sent my response to the newspaper as to how the article corraborated certain commonly held religious beliefs. I am no scientist however.
The article can be read here;
My letter is enclosed below.
The Editor,
The Telegraph

Dear Sir,
The article on string theory, (Where's the revolution? Aug22), immediately brought to my mind the Hindu spiritual view that the universe is a projection of the mind. Therefore the argument that humanity is the centre of the universe, vide the anthropic principle, seems valid. The emergence of various dimensions also explains the various spiritual worlds referred to in our scriptures. Again, if the external world is a projection of our minds then the possibility of an infinite number of solutions to the string theory equations becomes probable because then we have as many worlds as there are people; past, present, and future. It explains how each one of us has an unique view of the world, never duplicated. This infinite probability also explains Lord Rama's statement in the Ramayana that, "Whatever the mind can conceive of can come to pass." The puzzle before the scientists and their discomfiture at not having a physical model to experiment on was also faced by the ancient
 philosophers who realised that they could not ponder over the ultimate truth without taking recourse to "mere" discussions. And they also realised that the truth was beyond the mind and senses and hence indescribable, "abangmanasagocharam". The truth can never be described or materially proved, it can only be experienced. It is a pity that this profound concept is not accepted by a majority of the physicists even though it stares them in the face. The string theory proves the oneness of all creation. It disproves matter, giving more importance to energy, and it also shows the interdependency and the holistic nature of all creation. In the string theory there is no scope for the individual ego or for concepts like race, religious diversity, profits and competition. It opens up wonderful possibilities for us to evolve out of the present quagmire that is termed "civilisation."
Yours faithfully,
Jagannath Chatterjee

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