[Advaita-l] Re: Confused with Gita 5.10 & 5.11

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Thu Sep 15 01:00:33 CDT 2005


Prof VK-ji wrote:
...where I have tried to explain the 'I-am-not-the-doer-attitude'...

Thanks for the link & reply. Meanwhile... I'm okay with I-am-not-the-doer,
BMI is inert & also that brahmaN is nirguNa. I'll try to simplify my
question thus: When I say *krishNArpaNamastu*, for example, who am I
offering to? Is it the Ishwara-rupI, saguNa, krishna or the nirAkAra,
nirguNa brahmaN? If its the former, as even Bhaskar-ji also suggested, I
could understand it so that Ishwara being the creator in vhavhAra is offered
the phala of all the *seeming* actions. I've a problem understanding only if
the offering is being made to the nirguNa brahmaN.

Moreover, Abhinava Gupta's commentary on 5.11 added some more thinking which
gave a perspective that the karma & karma phala is for the BMI (even so,
inert). (meaning as long as one associates the *I* to this BMI complex,
karma *seems* to be effecting oneself).

Ravisankar-ji wrote:
These two verse may be apt in the context of this discussion: 3.27, 3.28.

Thanks much for the appropriate links. I'm still a beginner in Gita and
missed this very important linking & reading together aspect. 3.27 & 3.28
with Shankara's bhAshya have been most helpful & affirm my understanding of
Abhinava Gupta's commentary on 5.11 too.


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