[Advaita-l] Re: Confused with Gita 5.10 & 5.11

V. Krishnamurthy profvk at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 14 16:08:01 CDT 2005

Namaste, Praveenji,

I am quoting you below so that my explanations may be
properly understood: You say,

 "I'm just using 5.10 and 5.11 (B. Gita) as examples to
clarify a long pending doubt. That is,
nirguNa brahmaN not acting, why does the Lord ask to
dedicate actions to brahmaN in 5.10? Is it not like telling
yourself that I (BMI: body, mind, intellect) don't act, but
I (brahmaN) does? "

Praveenji, I am sure you know this; but I am recalling to
you the following:

1.  BMI is inert. It cannot act;
2. Brahman is nirAkAra; it has no action
3. So action which seems to take place is because of the
identification of Jiva with BMI (which is all a
manifestation of Prakriti); this identification results in
the creation of a false 'I' called the 'lower self'.  It is
this false I which 'does' everything. The Higher Self which
is the real I does nothing. 

What you are asked by dedication is to understand this and
be one with the Higher Self (Brahman) and be unaffected by
the 'actions' of the lower self with all its BMI

I would like you to read my article on Actionlessness in 

where I have tried to explain the
'I-am-not-the-doer-attitude' and let me know your comments,
if necessary, off-line. Thank you.

PraNAms to all seekers of Truth.

Prof. V. Krishnamurthy

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