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On Thu, 8 Sep 2005, Vivek Shankar Natarajan wrote:

> aruNa prashna for sUrya namaskaara
>   Sir, is it possible for someone here to let us know which of the
> mantras are vidhi statements? Thus, one can know what is to be avoided
> during kriya ceremonies. All help would be greatly appreciated.

No mantras are vidhis.  Mantras are mantras.  The problem is in
Krshnayajurveda which most South Indian Brahmanas follow and of which
aruNapraShna is a part, the mantras and Brahmanas (explanations of mantras
which include vidhis) are mixed together unlike in other shakhas.  (There
is a rather unappetizing explanation of this in the Puranas considering
Maharshi Yajnavalkya having vomitted them up after arguing with his Guru.)

To recognize a vidhi you have to know Sanskrit grammar.  The vidhi is a
statement in the tense called li~Ng (sorry don't remember what its called
in English.) which enjoins an action should be performed.  The classic
example is svarga kamo yajeta "one who desires heaven should sacrifice"
This is a vidhi because it enjoins a particular action (sacrifice) by
which a particular outcome (heaven) can be achieved by a particular
actor (one who desires heaven.)

The counterpart to a vidhi is a niShedha which prohibits the performance
of some action.

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