[Advaita-l] aruNa prashna for sUrya namaskaara - A Scholar's Opinion

Jagannath Chatterjee jagchat01 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 8 03:51:12 CDT 2005

Thank you for this information Jayanaryanan ji. Yes, we are so ignorant of Vaidik vidhis. Today most of us are ruing over the fact but that is like locking the stables after the horses have fled. There was a news item on the TV yesterday about how a Vaidik Institution in South India is somehow scraping through despite financial crisis. 
South India has always been the bastion of Vedic rituals. But modern education has almost ensured the end of that era. I am on this group purely because I like the holy company of people who try to keep the flame alive.

S Jayanarayanan <sjayana at yahoo.com> wrote:
I had occassion to question Pandit Mallikarjuna Sharma
(mentioned in
) regarding the use of the aruNa prashna for sUrya namaskaara.
This was his opinion on the subject:

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