[Advaita-l] A Plea for Dharmic Help - Books Needed

S Jayanarayanan sjayana at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 6 00:15:38 CDT 2005

Recently, I had the good fortune to pay my respects to Pandit
Mallikarjuna Sharma (MS), an erudite scholar of mImAmsA. He has
been bestowed the title of mImAmsA shiromaNi, the highest award
to a traditional scholar of mImAmsA (which, btw, was also
Vidyasankar Sundaresan's grandfather's appellation). He is
reputed to be one of the most learned scholars in mImAmsA living

MS has invited anyone interested in studying mImAmsA to come
over to his home and learn from him. Unlike the chanting of the
Vedas which is limited to only certain individuals, anyone can
learn mImAmsA, including women. MS can read, write and speak
fluently Sanskrit and Telugu, and can converse in Tamil
reasonably well (albeit with an accent). His knowledge of
English is minimal though. He speaks with a calm tone, can clear
doubts with ease and freely quotes scripture from memory as and
when the need arises. He exemplifies everything that a
traditional scholar should be.

MS is now busy writing a book on mImAmsA specifically pertaining
to the taittirIya shAkhA (KR^ishhNa yajurveda). For this
purpose, he requires certain Sanskrit texts to complete his
work. Hence he has requested that I, along with other friends,
either buy or photocopy the requisite texts from various
libraries and make them available to him. If anyone is able to
locate the following texts in a library in India or USA or
elsewhere, please photocopy and send them either to MS's or my
address (both at the end of this email). MS also knows some
libraries in Madras that carry these books, and wouldn't mind
accepting some monetary help in this regard. Thanks in advance
for all your kind help.

The following books that are required, *** PREFERABLY ALL IN

The shrauta, gR^ihya, dharma, shilpa sUtras by:

1) Apastamba
2) BodhAyana
3) KAtyAyana
4) vaikhAnasa
5) satyashaaDha
6) BhAradvaja
7) AshvalAyana
8) shAnkhAyana
9) drAhyAyaNa
10) LATyAyana

Note again that the shrauta, GR^ihya, dharma and shilpa sUtras
of all the above should preferably be in Sanskrit original.

Please see if you can get the following vyAkhyAnas
(commentaries) as well:

1) dhUrta
2) rAmANDara
3) rudradatta
4) haradatta
5) kapardi
6) ANDapilla

If possible, the following commentaries on yajurveda would also
be helpful:

1) shAyaNa
2) BhaTTa BhAskara
3) MAdhava
4) MahIdhara

Even if one is unable to photocopy the materials, but can locate
the books (in manuscript, leaf, printed form, etc.), please
email me directly with the location of the material. The
following places are likely to be in possession of the required

1) Sanskrit departments at various universities
2) Oriental libraries

(University of Pune is reputed to be a good place to search).

Please send the above photocopied materials to (monetary
donations can be sent directly to MS, whose address is listed

S. Jayanarayanan
107 Osage Ave
Los Altos, CA 94022. USA.

Once I receive the photocopies at the above address, I can
easily route it to MS.

Monetary donations to be sent to (you may send the photocopied
books also to this address if you like):

(Please make check payable to 
"Sri Ramachandra-Saraswati-Veda-Shastra-Parishat")
No. 205, 7th street
Alappaakkam, Chennai - 600116. India.
Phone: +91-44-24765353.
Cell: +91-9444375353.



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